Happy 2015 everyone!  In our house, there will be new challenges as my husband moves into his 13th year of living with Alzheimer's disease and I work toward completing new projects, and learning to do stuff I never thought I'd have to learn to do. Discovered I'm not so good at installing new taps, though it looked easy enough when Bill did it in the past. (Wait, there were directions?) Guess maybe I'll have to watch a few episodes of an old show titled Canada's Worst Handyman to get some pointers. I know, I know, Mike Holmes knows how to do it right, but let's face it, he's into the big stuff and when it comes to fixing household things I'm going to stick to small. I've bigger plans for writing, editing, art, reading, and a few conferences lined up, so we'll see what that brings.

Whatever your endeavors and whatever your hopes and dreams, warm wishes for a wonderful year.

Present and future pursuits include more writing, painting, editing and publishing, along with more swimming, laughing and loving. Because there’s always room for more.

More recently, I’ve bent my efforts to writing novels, short stories and picture books.

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