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On Writing – Constructive Feedback

The following is a guest post by Scribes instructor, Annette Yourk. To see more from Annette, visit The Scribes, Comprehensive Writing Services at

Peer Review and Feedback – What’s it all about?

Writing powerful well-crafted stories is a life’s work. Like any demanding job with high standards, sometimes we need some help from the side. Guided peer review can provide that helping hand. However, trepidation around receiving perceived criticism can prevent writers from participating in peer review.

Sandra Doran, Tim Murray, Lee Ann Weigold, Wendy Burke review each other's writing.

Some students cannot let go of their original words. Others never feel ready:
“One more rewrite of chapter three…” “The ending still needs work…”
Writer trepidation is sometimes rooted in a past critique experience that was painful, embarrassing and damaging to the writer’s confidence. When peer review and feedback is unguided people can and do get hurt. Grizzled veterans of the process might say, “Suck it up, buttercup. If you wanna to be a writer you gotta take the flack.”
But “flack” isn’t a necessary ingredient in solid, honest, constructive feedback. Continue reading

On Writing: An Irresistible Query Letter

Every year at tax time, we face an uncomfortable question. No, not, “If I’m a presenter, are nose-hair trimmers a legitimate business expense?” I’m talking about, “When can I write off everything I’ve spent learning to be a writer?”

And the answer, of course, is: “When your writing turns from a hobby into a business.” (Answer not certified by CPA.)

In the interests of helping you get there sooner, this blog is devoted to your handiest sales tool: the query letter.  Continue reading