Monthly Archives: February 2015

Living With Alzheimer’s — Tears

Bill and I are in year 13 of living with Alzheimer’s Disease. Not for the first time, last night I lay in bed, in the dark, with my body turned away from Bill, crying. Trying not to make any noise.

I was crying tears of frustration.

How, I asked the firmament, do I find my own space, follow my own pursuits, live my own dreams while I’m caught in the ever-increasing needs of my love, who is unable to share in any of it or to pursue anything on his own without direct supervision or help?

I was crying tears of great sadness. Continue reading

On Writing: A. Putting it on paper B. What rate should you charge

Recently, the Federation of B.C. Writers asked members to respond to the following two questions.

A. Do you write on a computer? Typewriter? Using pen and paper? Why do you prefer the mode of writing you use? What are the problems you experience when you try to write any other way?


B. “I wonder if the federation offers any resources that help freelancers get an idea of price recommendations for various services,” wrote the member. “There’s a lot of confusing information out there and aside from the going per word rate for local publications it’s hard to know how to charge for things like white papers, newsletter and annual reports etc. Do you have any idea where I might find that sort of guidance?”  Continue reading

On Writing-Why Write Fiction At All?

In fiction, we create characters, places, and events, or rearrange real-life things to fit a pattern we want to create, to explore an idea we want to explore, or to tell a story we think needs to be told.

In life, certain people, places and events grab and hold our imagination. Some events change the course of history. Some people bring about change that affects the whole human race. Life is full of memorable, horrifying and inspiring people and events that teach us things and stories that need to be told.

It’s all already there. So what makes writing fiction a relevant thing to pursue? Continue reading