ShoreLines: Memoirs & Tales of the Discovery Islands.

ShoreLines is a literary conjuring of the spirit of place; a collection of writings as rich and varied as the islands which have provided their inspiration. From Hardwicke in the north to Savary in the south, the islands jam the passage of the Northern Georgia Strait, creating a dynamic environment of turbulent waters and beckoning shores. In this anthology, brimming with humour, drama and tragedy, 33 writers and artists bring us Memoirs and Tales of the Discovery Islands.

Kingfisher Publishing

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Praise for ShoreLines

Once in a while, a book with resilience comes along. You want to keep picking it up to read more and to put it down so as to savour what you read, and you want to share it, but you can’t lend it because you won’t get it back. Wallis, C-1 Columnist

The writings and photographs reveal a lifestyle bereft of the infrastructure of modern society that most Canadians take for granted. The notion that island living is idyllic is dispelled. Nevertheless, ShoreLines presents us with a rich and varied picture of a lifestyle that is both unique and enviable.Canadian Content

…telling details or a simple truth offer a compelling glimpse into these rustic, self sufficient lives. Its accounts of canning salmon, running a trap line or a commercial fishboat, or making courageous efforts to pilot a pregnant woman through a raging storm to the hospital in Campbell River are enough to amaze and appall any cappuccino-sucking urbanite.Robert Moyes, Monday Magazine