The Week of The Horse

The Week of the Horse

The Week of the Horse

Recommended for readers age 11-14.

Shortlisted for the 2005 Saskatchewan Snow Willow Award.

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This realistic and heartwarming story of a feisty girl and her beloved horse will captivate every reader who loves animals and adventure. Twelve-year-old horse-mad Paulie is the quintessential middle child in a family of three kids and two hardworking parents. The family is just making ends meet and can’t afford to buy a horse for Paulie or pay for riding lessons. So Paulie volunteers at a local stable, where she gets to ride her favourite horse, Duke. But one day Paulie finds the stable closed down and all the horses sent away. Duke, the oldest horse, is to be sold at auction to a butcher. Paulie has a week in which to save Duke without her family knowing. She almost succeeds, but then her “secret” is discovered. Will Duke go to the butcher after all?

Praise for The Week of the Horse

The Week of the Horse is an engaging, lively story with a truly unforgettable heroine. Paulie and her beloved horse will captivate every reader, who loves animals, family drama and adventure. Raincoast Books

At times humorous, at times heart-wrenching, The Week of the Horse is more than a book about a horse. It is the story of a spunky girl’s courage against odds that seem insurmountable and the support she finds in unexpected places; of a girl who struggles for acceptance in a large family where other people’s needs often supersede her own. The strong, intergenerational ties are prevalent throughout the story, not only between Paulie and Nana, but also between the young girl and Bob, the stable manager, who is forced to move away in search of employment when the stable closes.Carole Marion, Branch Librarian, for CM Magazine

Reekie’s skill in creating a vivid sense of place is perhaps most evident in the scenes at the livestock auction. The reader can almost smell the unmistakable odor of manure, see the animals crowded in their pens, and hear the singsong call of the auctioneer. Tanya Storr, Discovery Islander

A well-written, intelligent book which takes a realistic rather than wish-fulfilment stance on the horse story. Although the plot seems at first glance the usual ‘girl attempts to save favourite horse from the knackers’ it is far more than just that. It looks more at the practical problems of the matter and its effect on the heroine Paulie, and her relationships with friends and family. It also is a thoughtful exploration of family dynamics, especially the problems of the elderly Nana. Overall an interesting and readable new take on an old plot.Pony Mad Book Lovers